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Opitmization consultant

bij CONUNDRA in Gent (fulltime)

Your responsibilities
Gather and understand the customer’s needs
Translate the problem into a mathematical model
Make use of suitable quantitative approaches
Collect and process data to feed the model
Implement the solution as a kernel to be used in the IT system of the customer
Document the solution for internal and external use
Project management tasks

Skills & experience
University degree in Engineering or Management School, with a good track record
Experience in developing optimization models
Experience in algorithm development and implementation in one or more of the following
languages: Java, C, C++ or C#
Track record of delivered real world (and
academic) projects
Team spirit, business orientation, communication skills and stress resistance

CONUNDRA is a dynamic and fast growing company solving complex real life logistic puzzles for a wide range of demanding customers in the maritime business, waste management, prisoner transport, chemical plants, retail, … To further enable this growth, we are looking for young talents that thrive on optimizing complex situations and implementing them in a business context.
At CONUNDRA you will work on challenging projects, starting from gathering and understanding the customers needs profoundly. You will then translate this problem into a mathematical model, by making use of the suitable quantitative approach and collecting the necessary data to feed the model. Together with our customer, we analyze the current situation and solve the business puzzle.

But it doesn’t stop there for CONUNDRA. You will continue by visualizing this solution and alternative scenarios in a comprehensible way for all management levels, enabling them to take the right decisions. In a final step, you work towards delivering a fully operational and user-friendly application, integrated within the customer’s IT architecture and processes. After all, it is only when our solution is applied in real life, that the added value is created for our customers.
CONUNDRA strongly believes in talent and passion, they feed the drive for result. That is what makes us proud, and what our customers want. We face real issues, for which there is no standard solution. We build it together, tailor-made and tangible. That is the only way to get the complexity controlled.

Does this intrigue you and are interested in becoming an optimization consultant?
Send your curriculum to and we will get in touch!

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